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Amundi ETF Bond Briefing le 12 septembre 2023

Webinar Amundi ETF Bond Briefing on 10 October 2023. Register now!


The Exchange with Quirin Privatbank AG


Fixed Income: Making ground in ESG

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At Amundi ETF, we are passionate about helping everybody invest simply and cost-efficiently – whether for personal or professional goals, or with sustainability in mind. Our core objective is to deliver high quality, liquid investment solutions that offer great value, but our ambitions go further.

We’ve made it our mission to set new standards in service, lead the way on responsible investing and build the ETF champion you deserve.

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Responsible investing is at the heart of Amundi. It defines our history and guide our future. We committed to acting responsibly in our founding principles because we believe that the financial industry has the power and responsibility to facilitate change. That's why we are fully invested in constantly finding new and better ways to do more for people, planet and performance. 

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