Put your portfolio to work for the planet.

Climate change will be devastating unless we drastically cut carbon emissions.

As an investor, you have the tools, and the capital, to make a difference. There’s no time like the present to invest in the future. 

Meeting your goals.

Amundi ETF is committed to providing tools that help you meet your investment goals while contributing positively to society and a sustainable future.

Our innovative, industry-leading range of climate ETFs enables you to play your part in responding to the climate emergency, in a way that suits you.  

A switch to our Net Zero ETFs for example could help you lose up to 50%... of your portfolio's carbon footprint. 

Meeting your goals

Our climate actions range in numbers.

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 €19.2 bn

in AuM

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Innovating climate solutions since 2014


Source: Amundi, data as at end February 2022.

Invest in tomorrow. Act today.

Cut your portfolio's carbon footprint by up to 50%

Climate Transition Benchmarks (CTB)

- Cut your portfolio’s carbon footprint by at least 30% immediately
- Reweight investments to decarbonise by -7% per year, aligned with the 1.5°c warming scenario

Paris-Aligned Benchmarks (PAB)

- Cut your portfolio’s carbon footprint by at least 50%
- Reweight investments to decarbonise by -7% per year, aligned with the 1.5°c warming scenario
- Additional fossil-fuel based exclusions

Combining ESG with Climate

-  Broader ESG ETFs which additionally apply CTB or PAB requirements
- ESG Broad CTB ETFs meet minimum CTB requirements, improve ESG scores and keep tracking error capped

- SRI PAB ETFs meet PAB requirements but select only the top 25% of stocks by ESG score

Understanding Paris-Aligned investing.

If you have 3 minutes to spare watch this simple animation to learn everything you need to know about the European Commission's climate benchmark definitions

Funds in the spotlight.

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The great enduring challenge of our time. 

Climate change is not just a matter for the media and young people, it is an imperative for investors around the world. Building more climate aware portfolios could help mitigate investment risks like stranded assets, and secure potential long-term return opportunities. Climate Clarity, our complete guide to climate investing explains all.


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